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Inner Circle - Flying Colors: Second Nature Roughs - September 2019

For Inner Circle members only, listen to the roughs that would eventually become Flying Colors' second studio album "Second Nature"! Also included are bonus tracks from Cruise to the Edge 2018!
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Inner Circle - Flying Colors: Second Nature Roughs - September 2019

What with Morsefest and the forthcoming Third Degree album release at the start of October, I thought it would be good to have a Flying Colors themed Inner Circle release. Given the way Flying Colors work, there are not vast archives of unreleased material in the vault, but I think this will interest Inner Circle members. Because as a band we are involved in so many things and scattered around the world, the way we record involves us being together for periods of time, but then working on our own on the parts of the record that we contribute. To see how things sound at each stage, each of us will share “roughs” of what we have done -- these are quick rough mixes which will contain some parts that will make the final recording, and other parts which we will overdub or replace later. At various stages, songs will not have the final words, or indeed any words!

What’s fun about listening back to roughs of music that eventually were finalized is you hear different parts, or emphasis, and in some cases, a rawness that we might have ended up polishing in the final version. Playing these roughs which I found on my hard drive (and sorry… “Open Up Your Eyes” wasn’t among them!) I found many jaw-dropping moments - check out the ending of Peaceful Harbor (or as it was called at that time “Celtic Hymn”) before we added the choir, with Casey improvising over the ending; or the heavier guitars and electric piano on the end of “Pound for Pound” (which became “Cosmic Symphony”) which were more muted on the final version. The name “Cheese Whiz,” referencing one of the lyrics of “Bombs Away” is really raw and you’ll hear we hadn’t come up with a melody for the middle eight of “Fury of My Love.”

But wait, there’s more… I’ve also added in some bonus tracks! To fill up the CD (if you still make your own!) I’ve added the audio from the special encore at my Life & Times show on Cruise To The Edge in 2018. As you know, this was a solo show, but with so many friends and bandmates on board, how could we resist some guest appearances? Mike, Casey and Eric jump up for “The Storm,” followed by a one-off version of “Waterfall” with Casey. Then Pete Trewawas joins us all for “We All Need Some Light” and… due to popular demand (???) we end with a jam on “Papa Was A Rolling Stone.” It was a fun loose ending, and the recording is a good audience recording which captures some of the atmosphere (and a few of the imperfections - but hey - you’re the Inner Circle, so I’m cool with that!)



1. Mask Machine

2. Cheese Whiz (Bombs Away)

3. Fury of My Love

4. A Place in Your World

5. Lost Without You

6. One Love Forever

7. Celtic Hymn (Peaceful Harbor)

8. Pound for Pound (Cosmic Symphony)


Bonus tracks from "Cruise to the Edge 2018"

9. The Storm

10. Waterfall

11. We All Need Some Light

12. Papa Was a Rolling Stone




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