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Legacy Pilots - Con Brio

Legacy Pilots' debut album, "Con Brio"!
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The Hamburg-based musician, Frank Us, has created a debut album that lovingly plays tribute to a golden era of progressive rock, while looking forward with his own vision.


Centered around Us’ Gilmour-ish vocals are Marco Minnemann (Steven Wilson), Steve Morse (Deep Purple, Flying Colors), Todd Sucherman (STYX), Steve Rothery and Mark Kelly (Marillion) and John Mitchell (Arena), along with other guests. Together, they comprise the album’s band, Legacy Pilots.


“There is nothing in the world that conveys feelings better than music, and this is my tribute to the great music and artists of the ’70s. I had the privilege of working with friends from over the years, and I wholeheartedly express my gratitude.” — Frank Us


On Con Brio, Us tells stories and explores themes close to his heart. Unflinching in his characterization of the human condition, his positive perspective imbues his subjects with warmth and hope. “The Spirit Is Forever” traverses the crossroads of solitude, reassurance and comfort. In “The Stumbling Heart”, Frank pens postcards of struggle and the sublime in life’s uncertain moments. “No Place for Us” the journey of refugees to a brighter world takes flight.


Musically, Con Brio honours its progressive legacy with classic sounds, extended compositions, and intricate musicality. Together, they are imbued with Us’s distinctive subtlety. The production is punctuated by the Legacy Pilots’s diverse, inventive performances. Integrating each artist’s unique style, these inspired musical collaborations resonate with the comradery of longstanding friendships.


In collaboration with World Vision, sales of Con Brio will sponsor children and their families, worldwide. Frank has worked with them for 27 years. Us recalls, “When my daughter was born, I was struck with how blessed she was to be born into a welcoming world…I searched for something that would help me make a small difference in other children’s.” 





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