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The Neal Morse Band - "The Great Adventure"

Now available for pre-order! Official release date: 1/25/2019.
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NEAL MORSE: Lead Vocals, Keyboards, Guitars

MIKE PORTNOY: Drums, Vocals


ERIC GILLETTE: Guitar, Vocals

BILL HUBAUER: Keyboards, Vocals



The Great Adventure Continues…


“Let the great adventure now begin…”; the closing lines of The Neal Morse Band’s last and widely acclaimed 2016 album The Similitude of a Dream (TSOAD), have proved to be strangely prophetic.


The band faced the enviable problem (like Pink Floyd, The Eagles and many other great bands before them) of having to follow up a hugely successful album, as drummer Mike Portnoy explains, “How do you follow an epic double concept album??? Well, create another epic double album!! I always knew topping The Similitude of a Dream was going to be difficult, if not impossible, as I held it in such high regard... but I am absolutely blown away with what we have achieved here! We’ve created the ultimate companion to TSOAD.”


The new album – appropriately entitled The Great Adventure – is exactly that: a perfect companion piece to TSOAD’s partial retelling of John Bunyan’s The Pilgrim’s Progress.


Morse admits that the band’s original intentions on re-entering the studio were largely to produce something very different from what has resulted. However, as the writing and recording process unfolded, it gradually became clear to the band that the unerring direction in which the music was heading was to build upon the work already completed in TSOAD, again using the space that the broader canvas of the double album format provides. Bassist Randy George explains, “I was sure that the follow up to TSOAD should be something quite different, but you have to follow your heart and go where the music wants to go.”


True to the album’s title, the creative process was indeed a ‘great adventure.’ Unlike many previous Morse albums, which have often been recorded in around a week, as many as 21 days of initial recording were laid down by these prolific and world-class musicians, producing an abundance of top quality material – enough for an album lasting well over two hours. This meant some ruthless decision-making: some already completed songs and characters had to go, and with studio time running out, new links and ideas were being composed and recorded up to the eleventh hour. “A lot of work and re-work has gone into this,” says Morse, “but I know that some of the most successful and far-reaching albums I’ve been involved with have been just like that - Sola Scriptura and Spock’s Beard’s Snow album come to mind.”


Another key question that had to be addressed was how to pull all the ideas together into a coherent whole. In the end, what unlocked this ‘adventure’ for Morse was the realisation that The Great Adventure needed a new voice and perspective. This time, it is that of the Pilgrim’s abandoned son, a younger, perhaps angrier, voice than was heard on TSOAD, as George explains, “The Great Adventure is nothing short of a miracle: it’s similar to TSOAD in concept and form, but it’s tougher and deeper in tone! It’s a very powerful work and I look forward to playing it live!”


The Great Adventure has everything that fans would expect from a Neal Morse Band album, and more: rock, metal, classical and jazz elements appear throughout, as well as some killer melodies, all played faultlessly by some of the greatest rock musicians on the planet. Says Morse, “This band continues to amaze me! I have to say it was a little daunting to follow up The Similitude of a Dream, as it was such a special album and it delivered every night at our concerts.  But The Great Adventure is everything that I hoped it would be! I listened through it yesterday and I was in tears at the end!”




Act I:


    Chapter 1 (12:50)

1. Overture 

2. The Dream Isn’t Over


    Chapter 2 (23:48)

3. Welcome To The World 

4. A Momentary Change

5. Dark Melody

6. I Got To Run

7. To The River


      Chapter 3 (17:59)

8.   The Great Adventure

9.   Venture In Black

10. Hey Ho Let’s Go

11. Beyond The Borders




Act II:


    Chapter 4 (18:13)

1. Overture 2

2. Long Ago

3. The Dream Continues 

4. Fighting With Destiny 

5. Vanity Fair


      Chapter 5 (30:57)

6.   Welcome To The World 2

7.   The Element Of Fear

8.   Child Of Wonder

9.   The Great Despair 

10. Freedom Calling

11. A Love That Never Dies


Watch the exclusive premiere of the "Welcome To The World" lyric video on PROG MAGAZINE!


The Neal Morse Band will take the new album on tour worldwide in early 2019: it promises to be a great adventure indeed.


The Great Adventure will be available in three formats:

- 2CD package

- 2CD/DVD Special Edition featuring behind-the-scenes video clips of the making of the album.

- 3 Vinyl LPs: RADIANT EXCLUSIVE - WHITE VINYL! (Purchase includes audio CDs.)







- Free audio download of the first single "Welcome to the World" with ALL pre-orders.

- We will randomly pick 50 people who order in the first 24 hours (9:00 AM CST on 12/4 - 9:00 AM CST on 12/5) to receive this free exclusive framable graphic autographed by all of The Neal Morse Band!

- Enter drawing to win the Mike Portnoy master notes from the recording sessions - autographed by Mike! Drawing to take place on December 11th.


PLUS: Three more songs from the album will be released shortly as videos (release date TBA). As they are released, those three songs will be made available as free audio downloads to all who have pre-ordered the album in any format! (You will later receive an email with a download link.)





(Above: the sheet on the right will be autographed by Mike and given away to one lucky fan!)







2CD/DVD Special Edition featuring behind-the-scenes video clips of the making of the album.

$29.99 (USD)
Picture of 3 VINYL LP (includes audio CDs)
3 VINYL LP (includes audio CDs)

3 Vinyl LPs: RADIANT EXCLUSIVE - WHITE VINYL! (Includes audio CDs.)

$39.99 (USD)
Picture of 2CD

 2CD regular edition.

$19.99 (USD)

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