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Levin Minnemann Rudess - "From The Law Offices Of Levin Minnemann Rudess" CD and CD Digipak

The second release from Levin Minnemen Rudess. Available as CD or CD Digipak!
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Tony Levin (Peter Gabriel, King Crimson), Marco Minnemann (Steven Wilson, Joe Satriani, The Aristocrats), and Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater) come together to follow up their successful debut self-titled album with "From the Law Offices of Levin Minnemann Rudess"


The Musical Melting Pot praises this sophomore album: "represents a prog rock pinnacle, delivered with all the skill, unpredictability, and humour fans of the genre demand and expect."


Track Listing:

1. Back to the Machine

2. Ready, Set, Sue

3. Riff Splat

4. What is the Meaning?

5. Marseille

6. Good Day Hearsay

7. Witness

8. Balloon

9. When the Gavel Falls

10. Verdict

11. Free Radicals

12. Magistrate

13. Shiloh's Cat

14. The Tort

15. Testimony (Bonus Cut)

16. Habeas Porpoise (Bonus Cut)

17. The Tort (Ver. 2xb-74) (Bonus Cut)


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