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Inner Circle - Acoustic Sketches - November 2015

An incredible collection of acoustic songs performed live on the "Alive Again" Tour in 2015.
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During the "Alive Again" Tour in 2015, Neal would perform a different acoustic song each night and only he knew what he would play. Along the way, we recorded these tracks each night and they are now included in this incredible collection that you can only get here.


1. Shine - London, England

2. There is Nothing That God Can't Change - Stockholm, Sweden

3. Chataqua - Manhatten, New York

4. Rose Colored Glasses - Hamburg, Germany

5. Somber Days - Denver, Colorado

6. Jailbreak - Malmo, Sweden

7. Emma - Mannheim, Germany

8. Isaiah: 60 - Gothemburg, Sweden

9. That Crutch - Zurich, Switzerland

10. The Storm - Quebec City, Canada