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Vertica - The Haunted South

Heavy rock concept record from the four-piece collective, Vertica!
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Vertica is a four-piece collective from all over the east coast. Their sound is primarily a mixture of ambient and heavy rock, with some industrial influence."The Haunted South" was recorded in Nashville, TN at Radiant Studios. This 13 song concept record is driven by deeply layered arrangements and cinematic themes. After a 2 year writing process, along with Engineer and Producer Jerry Guidroz, Vertica is striving to stake their claim in the world of alternative music.

This new release was conceived with a focus on genre versatility and dynamic, subsequently a decision was made to have the record's post-production divided between acclaimed mixers Michael Brauer and Ryan Gilligan (Electric Lady Studios, NY) and heavy rock mainstay J.R. McNeely (Nashville, TN). The difference in tone is critical to the integrity of the record and emphasizes the shifting from genre to genre.


Track Listing:

1. Holding Smoke                                   (Listen to a sample)
2. Temperance                                       (Listen to a sample)
3. Ghost of Summer                               (Listen to a sample)
4. Always                                                (Listen to a sample)
5. Obsidian                                             (Listen to a sample)
6. You've Been Warned                         (Listen to a sample)  
7. The Wind has Teeth                           (Listen to a sample)
8. Believing and Pretending                    (Listen to a sample)
9. The Furthest Place                             (Listen to a sample)
10. Open Water                                      (Listen to a sample)
11. Pearl                                                 (Listen to a sample)
12. One Last Chance to Resurrect         (Listen to a sample)
13. Go North                                           (Listen to a sample)



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