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Inner Circle CD - The Kaleidoscope Demos Part 1 - September 2014

Neal Morse's personal demos and notes from the writing of the Transatlantic Kaleidoscope album!
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Here are the personal demos and notes from Neal Morse concerning the Transatlantic Kaleidoscope album. Neal also tells some of his memories in between the epics and song bits. "It's really interesting to hear these demos as I have forgotten how the themes are interwoven throughout. You'll be surprised to hear lots of things you never heard before, then step right into something very familiar from the album." Only for the Inner Circle.


Track Listing: 

1. Introduction                                        (3:29)
2. TA Kaleidoscope Demo # 2                   (25:05)
3. Intro for Dying to Live                         (1:00)
4. Dying to Live Demo                            (4:11)
5. Intro for Beyond the Sun                    (1:29)
6. Beyond the Sun Handheld recordings  (2:49)
7. Intro for Shine                                    (2:01)
8. Shine Demo                                        (5:32)
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