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The Neal Morse Band - The Similitude of a Dream

The juggernaut flagship masterwork from the Neal Morse Band.

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Inner Circle November 2013 - Christmas 2013

A whole ton of Neal Morse original Christmas music!
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 This wonderful holiday CD contains 23 original Christmas songs written and recorded by Neal Morse! The first 3 songs were recorded in the fall of 2013. The rest were recorded over the years...some of them all the way back to the 80's! A must have for all Neal Morse fans!

Track listing:

1. Preamble

2. Hallelujah It's Christmas Time (2013)

3. Christmas Party Song (2013)

4. No Room At The Inn (2013)

5. Preamble

6. Missing You At Christmas Time (1984)

7. Christmas Is The Time (1985)

8. Christmas Is Singing (1986)

9. Sinatra Christmas (1987)

10. The Best Christmas (1989)

11. Tis' the Season to be Blue (1990)

12. How Peaceful Was the Night (1991)

13. Rejoice For the King if Born (1993)

14. Elvis Christmas (1994)

15. Swingin Holiday (1995)

16. Preamble

17. Small Town Family Christmas (1996)

18. Love Lay in Bethlehem

19. Kids Love Santa

20. Christmas Keeps Calling

21. Christ is now Your King

22. Laughing Christmas Song

23. A Special Kind of Christmas



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