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INNER CIRCLE SEPT. 2013 - Neal in the 90's audio CD

Great collection of Neal's demos featuring songs used by Spock's Beard and Neal's solo albums!
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Track List:

1. Introduction Preamble
2. Blessed - 1993 ( Unreleased Song)
3. Lost Cause Demo- 1997 (song released on Neal Morse - Neal Morse CD)
4. Preamble for The Change
5. The Change PT 1 and 2 Demo - 1998 (PT 1 on Neal Morse - It's Not Too Late CD)
6. The Gypsy Demo- 1997 (song released on Spock's Beard - Day For Night CD)
7. Preamble for A Place In My Mind
8. A Place In My Mind - 1994 (Unreleased Song)
9. Preamble for Back In The Day
10. Back In The Day - 1998 (Unreleased Song)
11. In This Life - 1992 (Unreleased Song)
12. Love Is On Time - 1991 (Unreleased Song)
13. Preamble for This Heart Is For Real
14. This Heart Is For Real - 1993
(Unreleased Song)
15. Six Pack O Blues - 1994 (Unreleased Song)
16. When He Speaks - 1998 (Unreleased Song)
17. I Might Truly Live - 1998 (Unreleased Song)
This collection of unreleased demos and rare recordings captures Neal Morse's most wild eclectic period. From Prog demos that were used on classic CDs, to country and gospel songs that have never been heard, this CD is a "must have" for the Neal Morse fan, or any fans of good music and song-writing.

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