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Cruise to the Edge 2015


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Spock’s Beard – X Regular Edition

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The long awaited 10th studio CD by Spock's Beard, SBX is being heralded as one of the best Spock's Beard recordings to date!  

Track Listing:

1) Edge Of The In Between (10:30)

2) Kamikaze (4:15)

3) The Emperor's Clothes (6:01)

4) From The Darkness (16:53)

5) The Quiet House (9:13)

6) The Man Behind The Curtain (7:44)

7) Jaws Of Heaven (16:22)

One of the songs, “The Emperor’s New Clothes” was co-written by Neal Morse and is a real jewel. Prog with an aggressive trombone section? Come on!!


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