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Inner Circle CD - Live in Whittier Set 2 & 3 - May 2011

This is the rest of the "Testimony 1 concert- Live in Whittier" on 2 discs.
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 Track List:

Disc 2:

  1. Trasformaion
  2. Ready to Try
  3. Sing it High
  4. Moving in My Heart
  5. I Am Willing
  6. In the Middle
  7. The Storm Before the Calm
  8. Oh to Feel Him
  9. God’s Theme
  10. Overtures No. 3
  11. Rejoice
  12. Oh Lord, My God
  13. God's Theme 2

Disc 3:

  1. June
  2. Stranger in your Soul: Prelude
  3. Stranger in your Soul: Sleeping Wide Awake
  4. Stranger in your Soul: Hanging in the Balance
  5. Stranger in your Soul: Lost and Found Part 2
  6. Stranger in your Soul: Awakening the Stranger
  7. Stranger in your Soul: Slide
  8. Stranger in your Soul: Stranger in your soul

      This is a real gas! This is the rest of the "Testimony 1 concert- Live in Whittier" on 2 discs. Count em, 2! This contains the rest of the Testimony 1 album, as well as all the encore material. "Stranger in Your Soul" and "June" with Neal's brothers Alan and Richard. This is an unforgettable concert and at this point it is only available to the Inner Circle!


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