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Inner Circle CD - Live in Whittier Set 1 - March 2011

Neal Morse Testimony 1-Set 1- Live at the Whittier Theater- Whittier California- November 23, 2003
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 Track List:

Part 1

  1. The Land of Beginning Again
  2. Overture No. 1
  3. California Nights
  4. Colder in the Sun
  5. Sleeping Jesus
  6. Interlude
  7. The prince of the Power of the Air
  8. Wasted Life

Part 2

  1. Overture No. 2
  2. Break of Day
  3. Power in the Air
  4. Somber Days
  5. Long Story
  6. It's All I can Do
  7. This is the audio of the first time that Neal and his band (featuring Mike Portnoy) played at the Whittier Theater. This is Part 1 and 2 of the "Testimony 1" album performed live. It was a very inspired evening indeed.


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