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Inner Circle CD - Live at All Saints - January 2010

It's a recording of various bits from different services I have done there. (All Saints Woodford Wells near London England).
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 Here is the track list:

  1. Isaiah 60
  2. Alleluia
  3. It's My Desire (with Julie Harrison)
  4. You Are Good
  5. Make Me a Dishwasher
  6. California Nights/Somber Days
  7. Open Wide the Flood Gates/Wind At My Back
  8. I Am Willing/The River
  9. Neal's Testimony
  10. You Can Be Delivered

This one was compiled by fellow Inner Circler Paul McMillan. There are flaws in some of the tracks but that is just part of the raw, live thing. I hope you guys don't mind all the Christian content and that you find my testimony to be something you can relate to, no matter where you are in your life. I am hoping that it helps someone out there.


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