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Inner Circle DVD - Xnoizz Flevo Fest - November 2009

The Inner Circle DVD of November 2009 is the raw and uncut playback of the concert we did during the Xnoizz Flevo Festival 2009 in Bussloo, The Netherlands.
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 Here's what Collin has to say about it:

The Inner Circle DVD of November 2009 is the raw and uncut playback of the concert we did during the Xnoizz Flevo Festival 2009 in Bussloo, The Netherlands. A three-day Christian festival where we played two gigs: at Main Stage and the SubYard Stage. There were about 10.000 visitors at the festival, and most of them did not know the music of Neal. Quite interesting. But a lot of people discovered Neal's music in this way. Later the organization told me that when we played at The SubYard (the day after Main Stage), there where about 2.000 people in line for a tent that holds only 600 people.

During the concert at Main Stage there was a short but heavy storm with lots of rain. Fortunately, they let us play, although the audience was soaked. In the first moments of the storm, just before our concert, everyone ran off and we were left with a hand full of fans, but a few moments later when the storm lost its power the field filled up again. The concert was lit up with lots of heavenly light shows, unfortunately you cannot see all the lightning on the video, but it was quite the spectacle to see.

Unfortunately, because of that thunderstorm a lot of recording equipment failed to work, so the audio of this DVD is compiled of several audio sources. The multi tracks and two stereo recording feeds from the radio, TV, all recorded at different sample rates! Leaving us at the mercy of the engineers who mixed the audio right there on the spot, without knowing the music. I have tried to make the different audio sources into a constant sounding mix, but here and there are some glitches. But I think it is still a nice thing to see and hear.

I hope you enjoy this Inner Circle DVD as much as we enjoyed playing at the festival.

Set List:


Neal say: this is a cool one! The footage is really good. I particularly enjoy the shots of people I know in the audience singing along. The big screen and the whole lighting of the stage adds to the big time vibe of this DVD. There are some mistakes but it's OK! I mean there was water all over our instruments, what do you expect? Collin did a fine job putting this one together and I think you are gonna love it!


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Product reviews
This has been one of my favorite Inner Circle releases. The quality is amazing and the show was nothing short of breath-taking as well. Highly recommended!

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