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Inner Circle CD - Roine's Love Mix - January 2009

This is a version of the whole "Question Mark" CD with all of Roine's stuff turned up REALLY loud.
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 When Neal was recording the acclaimed "Question Mark" album he sent the whole thing to Roine Stolt of the Flower Kings and Transatlantic and told him to "do whatever you feel". Neals says "Roine always added so many cool and sometimes crazy parts to the TA stuff…I mean WAY more than just guitar. I'm talking about percussion and sound FX, vocals, and all kinds of stuff and you'd never know what you would get. Well, he did that on the "?" CD but, as Rich was mixing there were a lot of things that didn't get used. Some of which is really cool stuff!

Anyway, this is a version of the whole "Question Mark" CD with all of Roine's stuff turned up REALLY loud. It was originally made by Jerry Guidroz (Neal's engineer) so that Neal could hear everything that Roine did. It is definitely a rough mix but we think you'll enjoy it a lot. Just to be clear, Roine did not mix this. We just thought it was a good name for the disc.

Wait til you hear it! There is some AMAZING stuff in there. Instead of Steve Hackett's solo you get to hear two of Roine's, and a lot of other surprises as well. Words can't describe it. You must experience it.


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