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Inner Circle CD - Starless and Other Stuff - November 2008

"Neal Morse/Starless and Other Stuff CD"
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 "Neal Morse/Starless and Other Stuff CD"

1. Starless (Performed by Morse, Portnoy and George)
2. The Creation (live in Downey CA with American Band)
3. Stranger in your Soul (live in Downey CA with American Band)

The November 08 Inner Circle disc is VERY special. Anybody remember hearing some talk a while ago about Neal, Mike and Randy recording King Crimson's "Starless" from the classic "Red" album? (Mike sent a copy to Bill Bruford who then commented on his blog about how much he liked it!) Well, they did record it but withheld it from the Lifeline bonus disc for some reason but now it is featured on the November Inner Circle disc! Yes, you heard right. Neal Morse, Mike Portnoy and Randy George's version of "Starless" the King Crimson classic will be on the November Inner Circle CD. Mixed by Rich Mouser. Rounding out the disc are live versions of "The Creation" and "Stranger In Your Soul" from the concert in Downey, CA in September 08.


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