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Inner Circle CD - From the Inner Circle - January 2008

A collection of songs from Inner Circle members
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 A collection of songs from Inner Circle members

This is a collection of music from IC members. There is some great stuff on here. The French Horn tribute is amazing!

Track Listing:

1. The Continuum Suite Part 1 - Tony Ebert, North Carolina USA
2. Coming Through - Snowboy Hudon, Canada
3. Fugue in G Minor - Jim Ortner, Arizona USA
4. Bonanza -  Joe Reith, Germany
5. French Horn Tribute to Neal Morse - Marc Papeghin, France
6. No One Knows - Jerry Chapman, North Carolina USA
7. Nickels and Dimes, Marbles and Stones -  Joan Vincent (with Ajalon), Michigan USA
8. Irgendwann  - Rainer Thielmann, Germany
9. At The Core - Gary Gelinas, Georgia USA
10. In a Students Dream -  Edward Jerlin, New York USA
11. Shadow Man - Michael Geiser, Rhode Island USA
12. Alienated  - Peter Hansen, Denmark
13. Psalm 102 - Pail McMillan, U.K.


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