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Inner Circle CD - Neal in the 80's - March 2006

A collection of Neal's demos and other amusing things from 1980 to 1990.
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 A collection of Neal's demos and other amusing things from 1980 to 1990.

Notes and recollections: all dates are approximate!

1. Introduction

2. Down On My Street  1984. Neal Morse Band demo. The NM band was Greg Westall on Guitar, Brad Wetmore on bass and Jordan Zimmerman on drums. Great friends of mine. Great musicians too. I remember we would take a real piano with us to play at local LA clubs and they would be out helping me load it in my truck at 2:00 am on a Monday. Aaah…the things we do for love. I don't remember the names of the horn players who helped us out from time to time.

3. Gina's on the Rebound  1985 Neal Morse band demo.

4. Winter  Around '82 I recorded some stuff with my friend Suzanne Christan (I don't think her name was Christian then, she married Terry Christian who I still work with) that was released on Atlantic under her stage name “Sus Ruso”. This is an outtake from those sessions.

5. It Doesn't Have To Be This Way – 1986 Neal Morse band demo. I thought this one might interest you because I lifted a riff from this song and used it in the Spock's Beard song “June”.

6. Nothin' in Hollywood - Neal Morse band demo. This was from our first batch probably from around '84. We stayed together ‘til around '91 I think. Long time huh?

7. The Day Will Come  1987 Neal Morse band demo. This was one of many songs that I wrote that were influenced by Peter Gabriel's "Biko". I loved the drum loop thing behind a ballad. This song is dear to my heart because it is so true. I did grow up believing in the goodness of people, and then became disillusioned, but also had some hope at times. I only wish someone had told me to quit doing that John Lennon impression!

8. She's Coming My Way - 1985 Neal Morse band demo. Very 80's sounding. I think I was thinking of "Crowded House's“ Don't Dream It's Over.

9. The Good Man, The Bad Man, The Angel and the Scatterbrain – 1989 Longest title award. This one was recorded with my working cover band "Burlesque".

10. Take Me To The Water  1989 This is also a “Burlesque” demo. We had a cassette tape we used to sell at gigs and this was on it. I like the autobiographical quality to it. I think this was actually at the beginning of the 90s and you can hear me starting to seek deliverance

11. Emma  1986 This song is also on the “It's Not Too Late” album, but I thought you might enjoy hearing the original demo from 1981.

12. Nowhere To Go But Up  1983 This is a way early demo done on a 4 track Portastudio. Billy Joel all the way. BTW, I always used to have lawn chairs in my trunk. Just in case.

13. Casanova on KLOS  1981 I think.

14. Spellbound – 1982 Casanova demo. In the early part of the 80s I was in 2 bands. This was the Styx, Journey type band I was in with my brother Al. The other was “Too Much” which was sort of a punk, new wave type thing with both my brothers. Listen to how high my voice is. Look out Dennis DeYoung!

15. We're on a Roll  Come on 80's rock!! Somewhere in there too I was in a band called “Five Figures” with Skipper Wise and a bunch of other guys and, of course, Al. We did mostly new wave pop sort of stuff but this is a rocker. Al's solo is way cool too.

16. Marie  1980. Too Much (my band with my brothers).

17. Love Will Follow  1988 Publishing demo. I'm singing lead. Look out Madonna!

18. Jingle Demo  1980 That's my brother Richard singing with me on the “OP sportswear” jingle. The manly beer commercial is my personal favorite.


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