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Inner Circle CD - Hitman - November 2005

Neal's original musical about the music business.
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 Neal's original musical about the music business.

Track listing:

1. Intro
2. The Overture/The Buzz
3. Set up for I Want To Be
4. I Want To Be
5. Set up For Hit Man
6. Hit Man
7. Set up for You Were My Eyes
8. You Were My Eyes
9. Set up for We Are The Artists
10. We Are The Artists
11. Set up for The Contract/Sign here
12. The Contract/Sign Here
13. Have You Heard?
14. Set up for the Duet
15. The Duet
16. Set up for You're What Makes Me Tick
17. You're What Makes Me Tick
18. Set up for Wolfe's Big Debut
19. Wolfe's Big Debut
20. Set up for Until He Finds Me
21. Until He Finds Me
22. Set up for The Glory
23. The Glory
24. Set up for Collideoscope
25. Collideoscope
26. Set up for There's The Moon
27. There's The Moon
28. Set up for the end
29. The Buzz Reprise
30. Never Let The Light Go Dark

Hitman is a musical comedy about the music business that I wrote in the early 90's. It tells two stories really. One is the story of two music biz moguls who make a bet. One says he can make a band famous that doesn't exist. The other challenges him and the bet is on. The other story involves the desperate songwriter that the music mogul hires to ghostwrite for his fictitious act, and his dedicated wife. The songwriter decides to take the deal, selling out to commercialism, which is everything she despises. Eventually, of course, everything works out for the best as the characters explore their own motivations. Something like that anyway. I think we used to call this the musical that asks the question: what's more important – money and power or love and art? Guess what the answer is?


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