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Anderson/Stolt - Invention of Knowledge

Great new music from Jon Anderson

and Roine Stolt!

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Levin, Minneman and Rudess

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Karmakanic & Agents of Mercy - The Power of Two

The Power of Two - Live in US 2009. Digi-pack Edition
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Two different repertoires are performed by on single group of people creating an extravaganza of rich textured wall of sound that hopefully will find a way to your hearts and minds.

The Fading Ghosts of Twilight 08.21; Heroes and Beacons 10:00; Jesus on the Barricades 06:31; Where Earth Meets the Sky 14:43; Do You Tango? 08:39; Lalles Solo 05:46; Eternally 10:01; Afterglow 06:36.

Jonas Reingold: Basses, Backing Vocals

Roine Stolt: Guitar, Keyboard, Backing Vocals

Nick D'Virgillio: Drums

Goran Edman: Vocals

Nad Sylvan: Vocals, Keyboard

Lall Larsson: Keyboard


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