Glass Hammer - "IF"

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Glass Hammer is back with a brand new lineup and an album of epic-length prog tracks. The 2010 release "IF" marks the band's return to classic symphonic-progressive rock; an album sure to please fans of the group's earlier releases Chronometree, Lex Rex and The Inconsolable Secret. Hammond solos, Moogs, Mellotrons - all the trademark sounds are back in place. But "IF" is no simple rehashing of previous Glass Hammer efforts. With the addition of vocalist Jon Davison, jazz-rock guitarist Alan Shikoh and session drummer Randall Williams, Glass Hammer co- founders Steve Babb and Fred Schendel have "hit the reset button" and taken their music to an entirely new level. The sixty-six minute opus features six tracks, culminating in the twenty-four minute long "If The Sun", mastering by the legendary Bob Katz of Digital Domain, and stunning art-work by German designer Tom Kuhn. Track listing: Beyond, Within 11:44 Behold The Ziddle 9:11 Grace The Sky 4:29 At Last We Are 6:46 If The Stars 10:25 If The Sun 24:02

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