Steve Morse and Sarah Spencer - Angelfire

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Steve Morse and Sarah Spencer - Angelfire It was only a matter of time. Steve Morse’s career has encompassed everything from bluegrass, to jazz fusion, to hard rock. Whether writing and performing with the Dixie Dregs, Kansas, or (currently) Deep Purple, Steve’s unique approach to guitar has earned him a place among the instruments’ most respect artists. Meanwhile, a young prodigy has been honing her skills as a singer and songwriter, waiting for her moment. A chance meeting between the two begins a musical partnership between master and apprentice, yet artists of different domains. Steve’s dynamic, virtuoso style melds with Sarah’s passionate singing and pop sensibility. At first recalling Sarah McLachlan meets John McLaughlin, or Allison Krauss & Robert Plant; Angelfire soars beyond compare and into the hearts of audiences hungry for unique new music. Track Listing: 1. Far Gone Now (3:50) 2. Everything to Live For (4:30) 3. Feelings Are Overrated (3:39) 4. What Made You Think? (2:57) 5. Here Today (3:55) 6. Get Away (4:25) 7. Pleasant Surprise (3:48) 8. Terrible Thing to Lose (4:18) 9. Omnis Morse Aequat (3:36) 10. Take It or Leave It (3:57) 11. Urban Decay (4:18)

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