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Day for Night (regular version)

Features "DAY FOR NIGHT", "DISTANCE TO THE SUN" and "THE HEALING COLORS OF SOUND". Landmark release. A "MUST HAVE" CD for all prog fans.

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What can be said about this landmark release? Breathtaking performances and killer compositions are the order of the day on Day For Night. This was the first CD that the band recorded under the eye of master mixer Rich Mouser and you can hear it in every detail. Tracks include “Gibberish”, “Distance to the Sun” and the “Healing Colors of Sound”. (1999) Tracklist: 1. Day For Night 2. Gibberish 3. Skin 4. The Distance To The Sun 5. Crack The Big Sky 6. The Gypsy 7. Can't Get It Wrong 8. The Healing Colors Of Sound (part 1) 9. My Shoes 10. Mommy Comes Back 11. Lay It Down 12. The Healing Colors Of Sound 13. My Shoes (revisited) Additional musicians: John Garr - Saxophone Joy Worland - French Horn Eric Brenton, Tom Tally and John Hrovoza - Strings Bryon House - String Bass and Cello Produced by: Neal Morse and Spock's Beard Spock’s Beard’s fourth CD, "Day For Night" catapulted the band once and for all into the premier league of progressive rock. Once again they reaped nothing but positive reviews, earning the coveted 'Album of the Month' (for the second time running) in Germany's Rock Hard magazine. Featuring the stunning vocal complexity of “Gibberish” and the soothing beauty of “Lay it Down”, this record establishes the beard as masters of their universe, or at least Pasadena!

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