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2 CD set with Great Bonus Tracks. FEATURING PAUL GILBERT! on sale!

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Neal Morse LIFELINE – SPECIAL EDITION 2 CD set with Bonus disc containing 6 extra tracks!

Featuring the stunning guitar work of Paul Gilbert and Paul Bielatowicz Plus extra pages of personal notes and photos!


Featuring Mike Portnoy of Dream Theater

Track List: 1. Lifeline (13:28) 2. The Way Home (4:20) 3. Leviathan (6:04) 4. God’s Love (5:28) 5. Children of the Chosen (4:55) 6. So Many Roads (28:43) i – So Many Roads ii – Star For A Day iii – The Humdrum Life iv – All The Way To The Grave v – The Eyes Of The Savior vi – So Many Roads Reprise 7. Fly High (6:31) Total Time: 69:33

Written and Produced by Neal Morse Mixed by Rich Mouser

Track Listing for the Bonus disc: 1. Crazy Horses 2. Lemons Never Forget 3. The Letter (Joe Cocker Version) 4. What’s So Funny (bout Peace, Love and Understanding) 5. Sometimes 6. Set The Kingdom Guitar on “Crazy Horses” by Paul Gilbert Guitar solo on “Lemons” by Paul Bielatowicz Drums on “Set The Kingdom” by Collin Leijenaar

The bonus disc on this thing is incredible! With some crazy covers (like Crazy Horses originally done by the Osmond Brothers, you know, like Donny Osmond, and “Lemons” by the Bee Gees!) and some brilliant original songs that for some reason didn’t make the cut, this is one of the best bonus discs Neal has ever put out….and that’s some pretty high marks. Paul Gilbert’s blistering guitar work is a perfect match for Mike Portnoy’s driving kicks on Crazy Horses (Mike sings it too…classic!), and “Set The Kingdom” is a great prog piece that should have been on the main album, but I guess they ran out of room. Neal is at his best on Elvis Costello’s classic “What’s So Funny (‘bout Peace, Love and Understanding) as well the Joe Cocker version of “The Letter” and his poppy original “Sometimes”. All this and the extra personal notes from Neal regarding each song makes this Special Edition truly special. A rare find these days… 

Product reviews
Bonus Disc Alone Is Worth the Price
I purchased Lifeline when it was originally released, and I wasn't even aware of this version with the bonus disc. I decided to go ahead and get it since it was on clearance, and am I glad I did! "Sometimes" and "Set the Kingdom" are two of Neal's finest songs. The covers are a hoot as well. Easily worth the price Radiant is offering - even if you already have the single-disc version.
Thaddeus Wert
Nashville, TN

From: twert | Created on: 5/4/2014 6:33 PM

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