The Tangent – Not As Good As The Book – Special Edition

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For keyboardist/vocalist Andy Tillison, it’s mainly the inconsistencies of an alleged zeitgeist that provoke him to realize his musical visions. Together with his band, The Tangent, Tillison has assigned himself the rather difficult task of creating with a successively changing line-up music which, despite all cross-references to the Seventies, still sounds topical and future-oriented. “The idea behind the first three albums was to rediscover the styles and sounds and ambition of the 1970s progressive music scene before it was artificially replaced by record companies and the media”, he says. “However, just because an idea is thirty years old does not mean that it is backward looking.” With their fourth offering, the double album Not As Good As The Book, The Tangent have even gone one step further. Tillison: “Our new album, while rooted in the same tradition, has a bigger palette of sounds and styles. This time we did not restrict ourselves to formulae at all, and the overall idea is having established the Tangent’s basic roots, we can now develop them and do something different. It’s a more live sounding record than its predecessors, and I think it rocks more than the other three.” An unusual album such as Not As Good As The Book naturally deserves unusual packaging, so the special edition of this double CD comes complete with a 100-page booklet and a short story with ingenious illustrations. “It’s a humorous sci-fi story about a man lost in time,” Tillison explains, “with lots of references to progressive music and the way in which it is seen, in the past, the present and the future. It has been beautifully illustrated by French Bande Dessiné artist Antoine Ettori, and altogether the package of the special edition is a quite new and original form, an album with a novel is not something you come across every day!”

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