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Sing It High (A collection of singles).

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NEAL MORSE – SING IT HIGH (A collection of singles). For quite awhile people have been urging Neal to put together a CD that features the songs. You know, the song parts between the fiddly bits; the parts that the progfans wives listen to and say “hey, I actually LIKE that!” But when it came time to put the CD together, Neal was a bit at a loss as to what to put on there. Some songs were obvious (We All Need Some Light and Wind at My Back, e.g.) but there were a lot of other candidates. After careful consideration and a little help from his friends, Neal came up with a fantastic collection of favorites that is sure to stay in the CD player good long time, as your wife isn’t likely to throw it out the car window!. Inner Circle member Martin Kornick (maninthemountain) did an EXCELLENT job on the artwork for this one as well. Here’s the track list: 1 The Change (From the Neal Morse CD - "It's Not Too late") 2 We All Need Some Light (From the Transatlantic CD - "SMPTe") 3 Sing it High (From the Neal Morse CD - "Testimony") 4 Bridge Across Forever (From the Transatlantic CD - "Bridge Across Forever") 5 All I Ask For (From the Neal Morse CD - "Sola Scriptura") 6 I am Willing (From the Neal Morse CD - "Testimony") 7 Wind At My Back (From the Neal Morse CD - "Question Mark Live") 8 Cloudburst (From the Neal Morse CD - "Send The Fire") 9 Oh Lord My God (From the Neal Morse CD - "Testimony") 10 Cradle to the Grave (Featuring Wil Morse. From the Neal Morse CD - "Question Mark Live") 11 I Sing My Love (From the Neal Morse CD - "God Won't Give Up") 12 Outside Looking In (From the Neal Morse CD - "Question Mark") 13 There Is Nothin' That God Can't Change (From the Neal Morse CD - "Songs From The Highway") 14 King Jesus ((From the Neal Morse CD - "One Special Edition") Very nice listening for the whole house. The perfect holiday gift! Available now at


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