Glass Hammer - Culture of Ascent

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Review "...this is Glass Hammer's best album yet. And that is saying a lot." --S. T. Karnick ( Featuring Guest Vocalist - Jon Anderson: Culture of Ascent takes Glass Hammer into new territory. The performances of French guitar-virtuoso David Shreddy Wallimann prove the perfect marriage for the highly technical, prog-metal drumming of Matt Mendians; giving Culture of Ascent a modern edginess something unusual for a band well known for its mastery of analog gear and seventies proginess. But GH hasn t forgotten its classic prog-roots as YES front-man and Glass Hammer collaborator Jon Anderson makes his debut performances with the band on two of the albums tracks. Culture of Ascent's lyrics are based in part on the best-selling Jon Krakauer novel, Into Thin Air , which tells first hand of the historical 1996 Mount Everest tragedy. GH still has their optimism intact however, as their new music evokes images of Everest's majesty as well as its many perils. The album's six epic tracks total over sixty-nine minutes. Glass Hammer's tenth release is a must-buy for fans, and sure to be a hit with connoisseurs of modern progressive rock.
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