The Flower Kings – The Sum of No Evil (Regular Edition)

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The Flower Kings – The Sum of No Evil (Regular Edition) First a brief note on the album title and its slightly unusual history, because initially, the new Flower Kings opus was to be entitled simply ‘Love’. Main composer and producer Roine Stolt says… “I intended to call the recording just ‘Love’ until I read with a surprise that The Beatles were releasing a new album with that title, so I guess the universe wasn't big for that much ´love` in one year. So by twisting the idea a bit, I came up with the alternative title The Sum Of No Evil, which sort of equals ‘Love’. It also gave us a great platform for using some of Ed Unitsky`s surreal art for the cover, that ´fish-bus` is funny and in tune with the hippie and flower power vibe but yet a bit of surreal Monty Python style too. There are way too many dark serious melodramatic bands out there, we wanted to be the colourful, friendly alternative.” Their latest album, The Sum Of No Evil, is a perfect example of a timeless prog rock release that easily lives up to classics such as Lamb Lies Down On Broadway or Yessongs. Stolt refers to the album as “Flower Kings to the max”, explaining: “We wanted to make a real hardcore symphonic rock and prog album. We took away all the pop, the jazz and the experimental or ambient stuff and concentrated on the pure prog that we do best.” An apt description of the almost 75 (!) minutes of playing time and the six expansive tracks. “To make all this a real trip for the prog rock fan we have worked in a studio that specializes on 60's &70's vintage recording equipment, plus we used lots of real vintage analogue keyboards, Hammond organ, Wurlitzer, Rhodes and grand pianos plus lots of Mini Moog and old tube amplifiers for the guitars,” says Stolt. “Any fan of early 70’s prog up until the first UK album should love this album,” The Flower Kings mastermind reckons of the effective depth of The Sum Of No Evil. We only have the special edition with all the bells and whistles. Tracklist 01. One More Time 02. Love Is The Only Answer 03. Trading My Soul 04. The Sum Of No Reason 05. Flight 999 Brimstone Air 06. Life In Motion 

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