Richard Morse – Rychyrd

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Richard Morse – Rychyrd It all started with a meeting between two brothers. Richard Morse (older brother of Neal Morse) met with his brother at the beginning of 2005 with a vision in mind. He wanted to make the album of his dreams. After engaging the talents of many others, and with a great attention to detail and “shooting for the moon” so to speak, Richard (spelled Rychyrd for the attention of internet search engines) has created a wonderful masterpiece of diverse songs that range from the spiritual to the hilarious! From the hypnotic “Let Your Dreams”, to the comforting strains of “Safe Place”, to the heart wrenching “Happy Birthday To Me”, to the hilarious, Doctor Demento-esque “Skull Beneath The Skin”, this CD is an amazing journey that will leave you breathless….in a good way! Featuring solos by Neal Morse and Phil Keaggy, this album will inspire, comfort and awaken your lost dreams while you groove and listen in to a dream realized. Produced by Neal Morse.
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