IZZ - My River Flows

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Doone Records is pleased to announce the upcoming release of the All-New Studio Album from IZZ, My River Flows, on December 6, 2005. As the successor to I Move, My River Flows continues to raise the musical bar. From the explosive opening title track to the 21-minute closer, “Deafening Silence”, My River Flows is an emotionally charged listening experience. “We’re very proud of My River Flows and very excited to share our new music,” said keyboardist/vocalist/producer Tom Galgano. “We’ve put a lot of ourselves into this album and I think that really shines through.” My River Flows 1. My River Flows 5:28 2. Late Night Salvation 12:16 3. Rose Colored Lenses 3:40 4. Deception 7:17 5. Crossfire 8:33 6. Anything I Can Dream 3:22 7. Abby’s Song 3:48 8. Deafening Silence 21:36 Hailing from just outside Manhattan, IZZ is a talented young band that first made a name for themselves through heavy gigging and a diverse and unique debut CD, 1999’s Sliver of a Sun. Living proof that progressive rock need not be stuck in the 70s, IZZ’s take on the style is one that marries the influences of the “classic” bands with a fearlessly modern sound. Celtic, classical, funk, fusion, jazz and Latin styles are interwoven with their accessible yet forward-thinking rock, always retaining a keen sense of melody and an overall appreciation for the song as a cohesive whole. The compositions may take the listener in unexpected directions, but the way back is always marked with a great hook or melody. The band released its second CD, I Move, in 2002. I Move solidified IZZ as a major player in the field of melodic progressive rock. In 2004 IZZ released its third offering entitled Ampersand, Volume 1, a collection of previously unreleased studio and live tracks that span virtually the band’s entire career. IZZ’s musicians are talented multi-instrumentalists and adept at multi-part vocal harmonies. Lead vocals are shared between the Galgano brothers (Tom and John), while the percussion duties are split in a decidedly unique way: Greg DiMiceli plays an acoustic kit while Brian Coralian uses his various acoustic and electronic percussives to accent and enhance the rhythmic structure of IZZ’s tunes. The result is a fascinating palette of sounds and a bold statement in a genre where fans and musicians too often cringe at the thought of any kind of electronic percussion. Guitarist Paul Bremner brings his own emotional, virtuosic guitar work into the mix and along with John on bass, Tom on keyboards round out the instrumentation. The stunning voices of Anmarie Byrnes and Laura Meade on lead and backing vocals complete the unique IZZ sound. IZZ is currently set to release the all-new studio album, My River Flows, on Dec. 6th, 2005. IZZ: Tom Galgano – Keyboards, lead vocals John Galgano – Bass, guitar, keyboard, lead and backing vocals Paul Bremner – Lead Guitar Brian Coralian – Electronic and Acoustic drums and percussion, programming Greg DiMiceli – Acoustic drums and percussion Anmarie Byrnes – Vocals Laura Meade – Vocals

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