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Mark Leniger – Walk on Water

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Mark Leniger – Walk on Water Talk about different ends of the spectrum! This is Mark’s second Gospel album and, as anyone who knows Mark can tell you, it’s as full on in it’s message as you’d expect from this saxophone/drummer/singer/preacher. With many traditional and well known songs like “The Lighthouse” and “Master of the Wind” (sung by his sister –amazing!) as well as several of Mark’s original songs like the powerful “Lazurus” and the title track, this CD has gone way beyond his first CD in scope and instrumentation. The exhilarating “Look What The Lord Has Done” features the verses that Mark wrote as well as a Gospel choir, horns….as Mark would say “the whole shootin’ match”. There’s even a killer guitar and organ solo by Neal Morse! Produced by Neal and featuring his keyboard, guitar and bass work, this CD will be something you can enjoy for years to come, but, be aware, this NOT a prog CD! This is all Jesus all the time. So if that’s your thing you’ll love it….if not, well, you know.
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