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Roine Stolt – Wall Street Voodoo

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Roine Stolt – Wall Street Voodoo This is Roine’s new double solo CD that’s rootsy and bluesy and very cool. Featuring some lead and backing vocals from Neal Morse, this album has a killer band and is trademark, vintage Roine in all his creative brilliance. This is what Roine says about it: “For a long time I've wanted to do something that is connected with my roots and the way I heard music in my teens. Even the lyrics on this album reflect a spirit that was around at the time, slightly political and as true today as back then. I also wanted to do an album that focus heavily on my guitar playing and in particular the more 60-70's style blues playing with a sound that is closer to clean tube amp than modern overdriven rectified. I started this out as a blues album ,then along the way it became my "postpsycedelicblues" album, but now I've included so many of my early influences so I guess it ended up being just ....a music album” Release date 11/11/05 We will ship it so it arrives at your door on or near the release date.
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