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Neal Morse - 'So Many Roads'

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God Won't Give Up

Neal's great Christian "songwriter" album!
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Neal Morse – God Won’t Give Up

Track Listing:

1. I Sing My Love 2. His Mercy Endureth 3. King Of Love 4. The Crossroads 5. Save My Life Tonight 6. Love Like You 7. Mountain 8. John’s Dream 9. See What God Can Do 10. God Won’t Give Up

All Songs Written By Neal Morse

What? Another CD from Neal Morse? “God Won’t Give Up” and apparently Neal won’t either! This is the CD that Neal wrote around the Spock’s Beard “SNOW” period that somehow wound up floating around on the internet. That was the demo version. This is the full blown, “gotta get it right” version. Most of the songs have been re-cut with great attention to detail and quality. Featured are some songs that Neal has performed on his last Europe tour such as “The Crossroads” and “His Mercy Endureth” as well as a full blown version of “God Won’t Give Up” with strings and a Gospel choir. You gotta hear it! It’s powerful. Neal says “It was an interesting time in my life. At the time I was writing these songs I was dealing with whether or not to quit Spock’s, and you can hear it in the songs. Like the line “my music is now His” in “I Sing My Love” and the song “The Crossroads” is all about how I felt during that terrible valley of decision. In listening to it I can hear the struggle and the resolve that was going on with me at that time.” The whole album shines with first rate production (mixed by Terry Christian) and incredibly emotional performances from Neal and guests. This is a Christian album from songs written early on in Neal’s walk but we have found that non-Christians love these songs as well. Filled with fresh inspiration, “God Wont’ Give Up” will make you feel good inside and give you some fresh inspiration wherever you


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