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Spock's Beard - Snow Special Edition

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Spock's Beard


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The Making of SNOW DVD

The making of the GREAT Spock's concept album!

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Spock’s Beard – The Making of Snow DVD Some things end with a whimper, some with a bang, but the end of Neal Morse’s involvement in the legendary neo-prog band SPOCK’S BEARD ended with more of a question mark. At the least, this DVD (made up of footage shot on camcorders and edited by Phil Satterley) is an interesting view into the making of a classic prog album; at the most it will make the viewer feel a part of the band, a sharer of the experience…and what an experience it is! Here’s what Neal Morse said about it: “….this contains the footage of the making of the Snow album and two acoustic performances, my last with the band. I'm sorry that it's not of higher quality; although, in the video department, we never did have a really first rate one. But, here we's what we's how it was. I think this shows some but regrettably not all of the making of 'Snow', there's much that was never filmed because who wants a guy with a camcorder in your face all the time? But, what there is shows the band in all it's quirky creativity and humor and sheer brilliance...” THE MAKING OF SNOW Filmed by Neal Morse and Jim Harrel Produced & Edited Philip J. Satterley Plus: ACOUSTIC SHOWS 2 COMPLETE ACOUSTIC CONCERTS! The Good Don't Last * Thoughts II * Stranger In A Strange Land Open Wide The Flood Gates * In The Name of Love * Carie * June Looking For Answers * Solitary Soul * Wind At My Back * The Doorway DOLBY DIGITAL SOUND Running time is Approx. 4 hours!! (240 min) REGION FREE NTSC COLOR

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