IQ – Dark Matter

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They say good things come to those who wait. This couldn’t be more true with this legendary UK Prog band. IQ’s new release, “Dark Matter” marks a new beginning for the band as this album will be their first US release in nearly 20 years and it is their first for Inside Out Music America. Its been three years since their last album, “The Seventh House” and the band has delivered an outstanding new masterpiece that is sure to tickle the fancy of every classic Progressive rock lover. As would be expected from the title, this is a dark, brooding album, bristling with attitude and aggression reminiscent of the band’s early days. But “Dark Matter” also contains moments of great melodic beauty. It is pure progressive rock in all its glory with soaring guitar melodies backed up with the classic sounds of Mellotrons, Moogs and Hammond organs and offset by Peter Nicholls’ ever impenetrable lyrics. The classic IQ line-up of Peter Nicholls, Martin Orford, Mike Holmes, John Jowitt and Paul Cook remains very much intact and they are all in great form on this release. Getting their start in Southhampton England back in 1981, IQ was often compared to two other great Prog bands from the UK, Marillion and Genesis. For years the band struggled to create their own identity. They did so by outlasting the glory days of Fish’s Marillion and Gabriel’s Genesis. So pop in the CD, sit back and prepare for the powerfully intoxicating musical journey known as IQ.

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