Glass Hammer - Shadowlands

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Glass Hammer - Shadowlands Shadowlands combines the legendary talents of prog-icons Steve Babb and Fred Schendel, the incredible vocals of Walter Moore and Susie Bogdanowicz, a half-million dollar pipe organ, a string section, an arsenal of analog gear, and all the magic that modern recording technology has to offer. Symphonic Progressive Rock at its finest. "…a prog paradise for those that desire it . …This band deserves to be huge - make it so!" - Dave Shoesmith (CD Services-Scotland) "Shadowlands is absolutely outstanding!" - Jon Yarger – Progressive Rock Radio Network Track Listing: So Close, So Far - 9:50 Run Lisette - 10:30 Farewell To Shadowlands - 7:30 Longer - 9:55 Behind the Great Beyond - 20:26

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