Rick Altizer - Neon Fixation

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This is another great CD from a great artist. This guy really knows how to write a song. Here are a few reviews of this album:

“A one-man phenomenon almost beyond comparison. A brilliant achievement. He’s been called a musical genius and it’s easy to see why. It's hard not to love Altizer's style.” Gary Hassig, CBA Marketplace

”5 stars out of a possible 4. I love this album! Rick Altizer may be one of the most talented young artists around. This album, "Neon Fixation" has it all. When I stumbled across it I was blown away! I played it for a friend who immediately went out and bought it. No kidding, gang, it’s that good. It is rare to find any album that maintains such a consistent level of quality and is such good listening from the first track to the last.” Ed Sossen, True Believer. Co Produced by Adrian Belew

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