IZZ - I Move

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I Move is a 73-minute musical tour de force in the tradition of a great rock album, where the whole is even greater than the sum of its parts. While each track stands on its own, the album is best appreciated as one continuous composition. Pieces blend together, sometimes transitioning with a near imperceptible subtlety, at other times in sudden, unexpected and even jarring turns. As always, emotions run high with IZZ. The music moves from palpable yearnings, I Already Know, to ecstatic grandeur, Coming Like Light, and makes all local stops along the way. I Move, IZZ's stunning follow up to their critically claimed debut, Sliver of a Sun, is an album that invites the listener to unplug the phone, slap on the headphones, lie back on the bed and be moved. With their impressive musicianship on display, IZZ has used their creative freedom to mix modern and vintage recipes, add their own favorite spices, liquefy the concoction and reconstitute the mixture into something at once familiar and uniquely IZZ.
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