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Track Listing: 1 Good Evening :51 2 Tales of the Great Wars 10:42 3 One King 6:07 4 Further Up and Further In 15:13 5 Intermission 1:08 6 Music For Four Hands (And Temporal Anomaly) 2:19 7 A Cup Of Trembling 7:50 8 Centurion 7:47 9 When We Were Young 9:53 10 Goodnight 1:11 11 Heroes and Dragons 3:45 Many of you probably already own this great CD but Neal just heard it recently and was quite impressed. He said “I really like the writing style on this record…lots of cool layered parts…there’s a piano solo bit that’s incredible…I wish I’d thought of it!” Here’s some more info on it. Screaming Hammond and Moog solos by one of America's greatest progressive-rock keyboardists - soaring steel guitar leads, lush beds of Mellotrons, mandolins and acoustic guitars, sweet soprano's, complex harmonies and counterpoint, that signature crunching bass guitar, swirling analog synth leads awash in echo, the grandeur and pomp of the pipe organ - all that and more on Glass Hammer's seventh release, "Lex Rex". Fans have come to expect the unexpected from GH, but "Lex Rex" dishes up the very best that the progressive rock genre has to offer. Glass Hammer was founded in 1993 by co-writers Steve Babb and Fred Schendel. The group released the Tolkienesque rock-opera "Journey of the Dunadan", and the critically acclaimed progressive rock concept albums "Live and Revived", "Perelandra", "On To Evermore", "Chronometree", and "The Middle Earth Album". Babb and Schendel have also recently released a children's musical called "David and Goliath" on CD. "Lex Rex" is the newest Glass Hammer album, and marks the group's return to their classic progressive rock style. The band credited with the rebirth of the concept album has another story to equal its sound. "Lex Rex" tells the tale of a Roman soldier, beset upon by ancient gods and goddesses, lured on a quest for something unattainable - something powerful and tantalizing. He calls it glory, and he searches for its source. His quest leads him from barbaric battles in the frozen forests of ancient Europe, to the demon-haunted temples of Rome; even into the arms of Aphrodite - Goddess of Love. But that is just part one of this epic tale! Fans have come to expect the unexpected from GH, but "Lex Rex" dishes up the very best that the progressive rock genre has to offer. "Through the years we've experimented with a number of styles and sounds," says GH bassist \ keyboardist Steve Babb. "But I think this is the sound we've been searching for all along. We've certainly never felt this good about a finished album before." Somnambulist's Charlie Shelton and European guitarist Bjorn Lynne both make contributions, as do the usual GH cast of female vocalists. Regulars Walter Moore and David Carter also make appearances Here’s what others are saying about this record: "ALBUM OF THE YEAR! A true masterpiece! What "Close To The Edge" is for Yes - "Lex Rex" is for Glass Hammer." Background Magazine - France "... their magnum-opus - their crowning achievement... sure to be an instant classic of the genre. Pete Pardo - Sea Of Tranquillity "...manages to be all things to all progheads. I find myself recommending that all proggers get hold of this as soon as possible." Feedback "I have to say that it will be difficult for any other prog act to beat "Lex Rex". - European Review - check source "...this is surely a breakthrough CD for Glass Hammer. It is fair to say that Glass Hammer has delivered the CD that Yes has been wanting to do for some time..." M. J. Brady - Prognosis
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