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Beardfish "+4626-COMFORTZONE"

Picture of Beardfish "+4626-COMFORTZONE"
One of the most dynamic and forward thinking bands of the 21st Century. 10 innovative and inventive beautiful new songs that yet do not compromise the typical Beardfish trade-marks.

From $19.99 (USD)

echolyn - I Heard You Listening

Picture of echolyn - I Heard You Listening
8th studio album from progressive rock band, echolyn!
$15.99 (USD)
$12.99 (USD)

Eric Gillette - Afterthought - CD

Picture of Eric Gillette - Afterthought - CD
Afterthought is a progressive rock album that covers a lot of musical ground, from a 22 minute epic (Lost), to a piano and vocal closing track (Above The Sky). Strong melodies and heavy riffs make this album a unique and exciting musical journey.

$9.99 (USD)

Glass Hammer's Double Live Deluxe Edition

Picture of Glass Hammer's Double Live Deluxe Edition
Glass Hammer's Double Live Deluxe Edition which includes 2 CDs and 1 DVD, all recorded live at RoSFest 2015.

$19.99 (USD)

Kristofer Gildenlow - The Rain - Digipak

Picture of Kristofer Gildenlow - The Rain - Digipak
Gildenlöw has chosen a heavy subject for the theme of The Rain; which is a concept album that examines the life of a man in later stages of dementia who struggles with his own reality, perceived through the metaphor of rain and clouds.

$15.99 (USD)

Steve Hackett - Wolflight

Picture of Steve Hackett - Wolflight
Take a journey through space and time with master guitarist, Steve Hackett in his latest solo album, Wolflight!

From $15.99 (USD)

The Tangent - A Spark in the Aether

Picture of The Tangent - A Spark in the Aether
It's a Rock Album. It's a Prog album. It's a funky album. It's a Pop album. It's the eighth Tangent album!

$21.99 (USD)

Vertica - The Haunted South

Picture of Vertica - The Haunted South
Heavy rock concept record from the four-piece collective, Vertica!

$9.99 (USD)

Casey McPherson - Solo/Alpha Rev/Endochine

Picture of Casey McPherson - Solo/Alpha Rev/Endochine
Created by compiling some of the most popular songs from several of Casey's musical projects, this album contains songs from Casey's solo career, Alpha Rev and Endochine.

$7.99 (USD)

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The Neal Morse Band - The Similitude of a Dream

The juggernaut flagship masterwork from the Neal Morse Band.

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