Every other month, since May 2005, the INNER CIRCLE members have been receiving a CD or DVD, and as a current INNER CIRCLE member, you have the priviledge to purchase additional copies of these past releases.

These past releases include such musicals like "Hit Man" and "Homeland", special releases with Spock's Beard, and behind the scenes footage and recordings from Neal Morse's creative endeavors that span his entire life.

Available ONLY to INNER CIRCLE members, these past releases contain a massive amount of audio and video footage that has never been seen by the public.

Selection is updated with every new release!

**Because most of these projects are not in full production, many will be on CD-R and DVD-R, and because of lost data, some may no longer have artwork with them. Every disc will be the same high quality as when it was originally released and if we have the artwork, we will automatically include it.**

***Some INNER CIRCLE releases are full art, some are disc art and others may be downloadable art only.***

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INNER CIRCLE SEPT. 2013 - Neal in the 90's audio CD

Picture of INNER CIRCLE SEPT. 2013 - Neal in the 90's audio CD
Great collection of Neal's demos featuring songs used by Spock's Beard and Neal's solo albums!

$10.00 (USD)

Inner Circle November 2013 - Christmas 2013

Picture of Inner Circle November 2013 - Christmas 2013
A whole ton of Neal Morse original Christmas music!

$10.00 (USD)

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